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How to Look for a Job on the Internet

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  How to Look for Jobs
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  • You are saying "I'm new at this Internet thing! How do I look for a job on the Internet?" ....
    We will try to get you started with a few quick tips!

  • First off, there are different job sites on the net. For instance, on-line newspapers, like your hometown paper, are are good place to start, try CareerPath to see if your local paper is participating in this nation-wide gathering of US newspaper job classifieds. It's a good searchable database if you are looking for local jobs, moving to another US city or helping a friend with a job search. If your local paper isn't listed or you are searching world-wide, try searching for it at Ecola's World News. Our worldwide news search listing might help along with our US news search.

  • Next, try out some of the on-line job databases such as Monster Board:US or for a more world-wide job search use their Monster Board:International. Some other good job databases you might scan are E Span, HeadHunter.NET and

  • If you are looking for a recruiter in your job search, try Oya's Directory of Recruiters. They are one of the top recruiter job sites on the Internet.

  • Many job sites have resume posting services, that for free or a small charge will allow you to upload your resume to their web site. Make sure you have your resume booted up on your word processor or text editor and use the copy, cut and paste features to insert your resume into cyperspace job market. Several companies use machines to scan resumes and job applications for keywords to match applicants to the job postings, so make sure your resume/application is a close fit to the job/s you are applying for. The Riley Guide has some excellent tips in preparing your online resume. Many large companies check these resumes regularly and you might be suprised who you get a call from!

  • Also, some organizations will list an E-Mail address or fax number to send your resume to their recruiter. Again, have your resume and/or cover letter all set to go in your word processor so that you can zap your application straight to the source. Either fax your resume straight to the requested fax number or copy, cut and paste your resume/cover letter into your E-Mail software and hit the send button.

  • Don't forget the Internet Usenet groups for job listings or search the groups with Deja News and Career Mosaic Usenet Search.

  • Job Fairs! There are many on-line job fairs hosted by Virtual Job Fair and Career Mosaic.

  • Some companies, government agencies and other organizations such as hospitals never advertise in newspapers and other mass media, for these job searches, you will have to search out the web for their job listings but some web sites like Help Wanted-USA and our own The Job Beat provide these listings on-line.

  • For individual US states, many of the official state job employment agencies list their jobs with America's Job Bank but also try searching Yahoo for more regional jobs or search out worldwide with Yahoo's country listing. Don't forget that State Jobs has many regions of US already listed along with America's Job Bank.

  • US federal government job! For US federal government jobs try our Federal agency listing along with Fedworld.

  • The Riley Guide! Make sure you read through this wonderful web site! It is one of the oldest and still one of the best guides for job hunting on the Internet.

  • New college graduates should try the Quintessential Career & Job-Hunting Resources Guide. An excellent and comprehensive resource geared toward college graduates!

  • Do your homework! Research your target companies with Hoovers.

  • Finally, check out some of the Web mapping services to lay out the route to your interview such as Maps On Us and Mapquest!

  • Remember that the Internet is only one tool in your job hunt! Be sure to use the full range of standard job search techniques such as trade journals, networking with friends and family, professional magazines, head hunters, local want ads, phone calls and pounding the pavement. You must send out a regular stream of paper resumes in addition to any Internet resumes. Target your search! Pick your industries, profession, agencies, companies, geographical locales and zero in with every available resource you can muster.

  • Good Luck!
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